A Gold Backed Crypto Coin

The Blackwood Gold Coin

(You need an eWallet to hold a crypto coin)

Ticker: 1ozg (as in 1 oz of Gold)

Only 120,000 Blackwood Gold 1ozg crypto coins will ever be issued.

Our coin is already pre listed on two exchanges, though the main rump of trading will be by appointment, until we have the coin fully incorporated into TEC's Merlin eWallet. TEC's Merlin eWallet will allow investors to hold, trade and/or transfer TEC's Blackwood Gold crypto coins into other assets, like Bitcoin and cash.

Below are the technical details of the coin.

(When TEC's Merlin eWallet is live, holders will not need to know these details).

Technical Details.

Priced at the daily gold price (USD).

Blackwood Gold 1ozg Coin (ERC20 Ethereum blockchain).


Ticker: 1ozg Total issue: 120,000 only


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