1855 - Blackwood Gold - 2021

Over the next 3 years, we will create businesses using the

Blackwood Gold Crypto Coin: 1ozg

The Old meets The New


The Entrepreneurial Company

The limited supply of TEC's 1ozg Gold backed crypto coins, will appeal to traders and investors as a safe haven and a hedge against inflation and asset volatility. They are liquid, offer multiple trading opportunities and strategies and can be used as a currency and gold asset hedge.

TEC's Blackwood Gold 1ozg crypto coins are capped at 120,000 coins.

They reflect 1:1 the amount of known gold held in situ at the Blackwood Mines owned by TEC. The limited amount of coins will benefit holders as TEC's future plans include upgrading the currently known 120,000 ozs held in situ to doubling the ratio to 2:1 ozs per coin.

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Blackwood Gold
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Real Gold - Real Coin

TEC's Gold crypto coin 1ozg, is known as a stablecoin, in that the price of the coin is a reflection of the price of gold at any time. This known value allows the coin to be used in commerce.

Welcome Stranger gold nugget - Largest ever found in the world

Real Gold - Real Mines

The historical gold fields of Victoria have yielded some of the highest grades of gold in the world including the Welcome Stranger gold nugget, which is the largest gold nugget ever found.

John Deason and Richard Oates pose with their family and the Welcome Stranger Gold Nugget

Old meets New

TEC's historical Blackwood gold field and its 200,000 tonnes of gold bearing ore is reflected 1:1 in our tradeable Blackwood Gold 1ozg crypto coin.

John Deason and Richard Oates


The pioneering spirit of the Victorian gold rush is legendary. Families came from all over the world to try their luck at making their fortune. The town of Blackwood, swelled from 200 to 13,000 in 6 months in 1855.

Blackwood Gold Mine from 1860


The early pioneers took out all the gold they could and left behind the gold that was harder to produce. Using modern technologies and having gold nudging all times highs, allows TEC to further explore for more reserves.

Extract of Drilling results from Blackwood Goldmine Victoria


TEC's principles have owned and operated some of Australia's largest gold mines and they have also built start up's that are now listed on the ASX and valued in the 100's of million of dollars.

Gold hitting historical highs in 2018

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TEC's custom built eWallet Merlin, allows our Blackwood Gold 1ozg crypto coin to become a currency coin that can be traded around the world in a simple and easy to use manner. PayPal is now over 20 years old and Merlin is the next generation of payment gateways with the smartphone generation as its core priority.

Merlin is being customised to handle:

Cash Transactions - Online Transactions - POS Transactions - Loyalty Rewards - Lottery Ticketing - Transport Ticketing - Mobile Payments - Micro Payments - Mobile Purchases - P2P Transfers - P2P Buying and Selling - Crypto Currencies facilitation - Subscriptions - Instant Transfers - Multiple Currency - Reverse Auctions.

The historical gold province of Blackwood, marked in white, with the historical mines that back TEC's Blackwood Gold 1ozg crypto coin, in the Orange area.

Blackwood Gold mines

Below is a summary of our geologist's exploration program, targeting our increase in reserves.

At about 623m above sea level, the Tyrconnel Mine is one of the higher mines in Victoria .

Half way at the 250m mark going right takes you to a water filled winze (shaft). After going straight for approximately 400 metres you will come to the Foster Fault.

To the Directors of TEC.

From: Erik Norum. Dated: August 2018.

TEC has designed an initial drilling programme that will confirm and upgrade the current resource at Blackwood.

Subsequent to surface drilling and underground mining and sampling during the 1980’s, several resource estimates were completed for the Grace Egerton-Annie Laurie (Eastern Reefs) and Sultan (Western Reefs) mine areas. The most reliable of the resources based on parameters and methodology implemented is considered to be that by Hollis in 1989 under the then new AusIMM ore resource/reserve classification. Hollis estimated a global resource (Measured and Indicated) for the Eastern and Western Reefs of 346,971t at 8.60g/t Au (see Table).

The Sultan group of mines represents the deepest and highest grade historical mines in the Blackwood Goldfield. Mining at the Sultan reached 279 metres with reported average grades of 26g/t gold. Mining at the Sultan and adjacent mines ceased due to a significant influx of water; historic reports indicate significant remnant ore at relatively shallow depth.

Based on historic mine information and the more recent appraisal of the Annie Laurie-Grace Egerton mineralisation there appears to be potential to define additional significant economic mineralisation adjacent to the historically mined zones at both the Eastern and Western Reef areas. Drilling is proposed to prove additional tonnage, establishing a large mineable resource to allow determination of mining method and extraction rate. Drilling would be from underground, utilising the Tyrconnel Adit and associated development to minimise the environmental and social impacts that would occur through surface exploration work (see accompanying figures).

Proposed diamond drilling comprises 1,520 metres for the Eastern Reefs. The planned drilling will define the three Eastern Reefs for a vertical extent of 200 metres and over a horizontal extent of 250 metres. Further work is required for the Western Reefs to determine high-grade targets for drilling. Based on historic mining information, the higher grades, deeper defined depth of mineralisation and multiple reef lodes indicate the Western Reefs have potential to contain a larger economic resource than the Eastern Reefs.

Exploration drilling will commence once all regulatory and statutory approvals have been received.

Blackwood gold resource estimate by Hollis, 1989