TEC's Merlin eWallet

Multiple payment options, including o'seas remittance

Multiple top up options- Cash-Bank Deposit-Crypto

Multiple currency options via Rewards & Crypto

Government grade security by default. GDPR compliant

Blackwood Gold 1ozg

Stable coin for crypto coin traders to park funds

Allows investors to have a direct exposure to gold

Easier to hold than physical gold, with no holding costs

Store of Value

TEC's Structure

TEC has Authorised capital of 120,000 shares with 20,000 already issued to acquire the Gold and Technology assets

Tec has 120,000 oz of Gold held in situ at Blackwood

Tec holds and owns 120,000 1ozg crypto coins built on the Ethereum ERC20 Blockchain platform.

Investment Highlights

Shareholders funds will be used on exploration to prove up an additional reserve of 200,000 tonnes @9 g/t

Promote and support our crypto coins to the crypto coin community so they understand that the coins match the value of the proven gold in situ and the stability they provide to both traders and investors.

No investment dollars are needed to build a processing plant, as there is one available to us 60km away, where over A$700m has been invested, saving over A$70m in capex.

Disclaimer: Please Note

The purpose of this website is to provide background as to what are, in the opinion of the Directors, some of the principal features of the business of the company.

It does not amount to a recommendation (either expressly or by indication) to make an investment.

An investment in The Entrepreneurial Company (TEC) may not be appropriate for all people and independent financial advice should be sought prior to an investment.

First round oversubscribed in 24 hours.

Round two now opened.