THE next generation of eWallet

Merlin (no App download needed) allows shops and online businesses to share in our network of customers who have been rewarded our Gold Backed Reward Points.

Each reward point has a value in a customers' local currency, which they can spend, save, transfer to a friend, donate and/or use to buy gold and gift cards.

This allows any businesses outside of the major reward programs to accept and offer real rewards, backed by GOLD.


Multiple Currencies, Crypto Coins and our Gold Backed Reward Points can all be held in one place and transferred or spent without needing to download an App. Micro payments and subscription payments for different services, are also included in the wallet. Very simple to set up and use.

Global Transactions

The Merlin eWallet Engine.

Why we are using it

We needed to have our Gold Backed Reward Points issued into an eWallet, so they become a flexible payment method which can also be converted into many other assets that our customers demand, including Bitcoin.

The Merlin eWallet account allows our customers to hold and control different assets, as well as enable our rewards to behave like money.

With our rewards, they can very simply:

Transfer to other eWallet holders

Donate to over 14,500 UK charities via a special gift card

Choose 100’s of global Gift Cards (both electronic and physical)

Instantly change USD rewards points to AUD reward points and vice versa.

Create virtual Credit Cards to spend at any website

Earn, save, spend, redeem our rewards

Convert to Gold.

Buy lottery tickets

Buy bids into Unique Low Bid Auctions

A user can claim their rewards by simply accepting them into their eWallet, which takes 30 seconds to set up, without an App downloaded needed.

These accounts are easy for us to administer as the architecture of the system already has master to servant controls built in.

We can allow different levels of control under our master account.


We will allow Charities to open up their own Merchant A/C. Once opened, they will then be able to instantly accept our reward points as donations and convert them to cash or issue them out to donors as rewards. They can then set up their volunteers as Agents, so they can collect rewards and donations on behalf of the charity and reward donors. The donors can be rewarded with our rewards, for which they will need to open an account and so their journey begins!