Pioneering Spirit

Welcome Stranger

The Welcome Stranger gold nugget was discovered in the year 1869, 113km away from our historical gold province in Australia. It is the largest gold nugget ever found in the world. In today's money it would be worth US$3.5m.

The pioneering spirit of the Australian gold rush in the 1850's is legendary. Little towns swelled from 200 people to 13,000 people in a matter of months, as gold fever spread, bringing together many different nationalities. These two gentlemen were from Cornwall, UK and hit the jackpot by finding the worlds largest gold nugget. In total 6,700 Cornishmen came to try their luck (think of Poldark tin mining!).

168 years later, modern technology has produced the next gold rush but this time its in Crypto Currencies. We are combining the old with the new to bring together a smart way of supporting the continuation of the pioneering spirit. We are using our own gold mines at Blackwood, Victoria to back our own Blackwood Gold 1ozg Crypto Coin in honour of these pioneers. Some of their stories will make you laugh and cry, as will some of ours!